The work of coder

Who is coder

An HTML coder is an expert who performs web page layout. In other words, he creates an HTML template for a website using knowledge of HTML code and all the features of style and graphic design.

Features of the profession

The functional responsibilities of the HTML maker-up are to implement the concept and idea of ​​the site, developed by a web designer, in the form of HTML-code. The process of creating an HTML template consists of several steps:

  1. website graphic design analysis
  2. selection of model pattern
  3. slicing graphic sprites
  4. build html template.

Currently, there are a large number of computer programs that automate the work of the layout designer, various text editors with code highlighting, visual editors , front-end frameworks . They allow you to write large pieces of code in visual mode, that is, the result of each stage of work can be observed in a separate window. But professional HTML coder does not use these programs. He should be able to use the HTML encoding manually, without the help of visual editors, in order to ensure that the code is as correct as possible in the minimum weight.

What must he know

HTML maker-up must know CSS cascading style sheets, possess JavaScript and basic web programming skills in PHP, Perl or Java, as well as the main graphic editors of Photoshop, Fireworks, Gimp. An experienced typesetter can create a small website using Microsoft Word text editor with a minimum of tools and tools.


The successful work of the HTML coder is built on three pillars: quality code, usability principle, adaptive design. Quality code should be well structured and have the correct semantic design in accordance with the rules of SEO-optimization. The usability principle implies simplicity in interface design. Site navigation should not force visitors to think hard. The simplicity of the interface is the key to the success of the project. Adaptive design will make the site friendly to mobile devices.

When working on large projects, the work of an HTML maker-up is reduced to creating only a site layout. Various modules and elements in it are established by programmers of narrow specialization. But on small projects, the HTML coder has to do the work with the code from start to finish.

What are the pros and cons of the profession


  1. the possibility of self-mastering the profession
  2. high demand in the labor market
  3. the need for continuous improvement and updating of knowledge
  4. ability to work remotely
  5. Fuzzy boundaries between the work of a web designer, web programmer and banner maker give the opportunity to work in related fields.



  1. there is a share of routine and monotony
  2. the need for long-term sitting at the computer.